We run fun and educational weekly classes in Waltham Forest and Essex.

ladies dance

Ladys dance

Get into the groove with our super fun dance fitness class! This class is designed for you to have FUN dancing to your most favourite songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s! This is a non-judgmental class and the aim isn’t to become the next Darcey Bussell, its to get you feeling confident in being able to express yourself through dance whilst having fun and receiving a high intensity workout! We always have a good laugh in this class and you will walk away feeling energised physically and emotionally! All abilities welcome (yes even those of you have say you have two left feet!)

Ladies of all ages are welcome.

Familt Dance

Family dance

Bring your mum, dad, your Nanny and your Grandad! This is a fun and bonding class for the whole family to enjoy! Each week we explore different styles of dance and ensure the whole family gets a fun full body workout!

Children aged 5+

Mindful tots

Through storytelling, movement and roleplay toddlers will enjoy expressing their thoughts and feelings in this innovative session.

Children aged 2 – 4 years

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Mindful kids

Mindful kids is a weekly class for you to explore simple, yet powerful strategies to bring mindfulness into your daily lives. Learning how to be present in the here and now and paying attention to our thoughts and bodily sensation.

Through dance, drama and yoga, we work on exploring our feelings and thoughts and become more open, compassionate and kind to ourselves and others.

Children aged 5 – 11 years

Cooking tots

Calling all 2 – 4-year-olds! Come along to cooking tots and explore food in a fun environment. Food activities are a wonderful way for you to learn! You will explore your own creativity, improve your motor skills, and become more appreciative towards food. Each week we will be getting messy and creative making our own healthy plant-based snacks and meals to enjoy!

2 – 4-years-olds attending with a parent


Plant life

Are you over 50 and looking to learn how to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet? Join us each week as we bake and cook a variety of healthy dishes and snacks whilst learning about super foods that can have a tremendous positive effect on our health and wellbeing.

This is also a session to enjoy socialising with others and making new friends.

Aged for over 50s

Cooking Kids

Lets creative confident cooks! Cooking kids is a weekly cooking club where you will have fun making healthy plant-based snacks and meals! From caterpillar kababs to watermelon pizzas, apple monsters to fishbowl smoothies, we will get creative with flavours and explore new foods.

Aged for 5 – 11 years Attending with a parent


Bath Bombs

Our most popular workshop! Making bath bombs is super fun! It also can test our patients and time management skills. You will be using natural ingredients and choosing different colours and scents to create the perfect bath bomb which will jazz up your bath as well leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh!


Trash 2 Treasure

One mans trash is another mans treasure! Come and learn how to upcycle household rubbish into amazing and creative products! The workshop will inspire and teach you how to reuse materials creatively instead of disposing of them. 

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Get creative spray painting our own graffiti art! We spray paint bags, pencil cases and t-shirts creating some super cool designs!


Soap Making

Using a variety of colours, scents, accessories and shapes, you will make your own soaps. Again, we use natural ingredients which is kind to our skin. We also make special, bespoke boxes for the children to take the soaps home in.

World dance

World Dance

From Salsa to the Zorba, Bollywood to Street Dance, world dance is an educational and fun session where we learn dances from a variety of countries and cultures.

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Gardening Club

Come and dig in to this hands on workshops. You will be painting pots, planting herbs, flowers and cress to take home to look after. You will also be making mini bug hotels to take care of the little creatures that live near you!

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Craft Kitchen

Design and paint your own plates, cups and bowls at our craft kitchen workshop using porcelain paints and pens.


Potions and Lotions

Using natural plant based ingredients you will be making a variety of different products such as calm sprays, natural perfumes, moisturisers, soaps, shower gels, hair products and other lotions and potions!

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Family cooking

Family cooking is a wonderful opportunity for children to spend some special one on one time with their child in a fun setting making healthy plant-based meals!