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My daughter absolutely loved the holiday club at Parkside! She already asked me to book her again for next summer. She loved the activities, the food, and she made new friends!
Making It Mindful are reliable, creative, engaging and the audience interact because their activities are on point. Fun loving friendly team...keep up the hard work...🙂
Thank you for an awesome half term club. My daughter Olivia had a fantastic time and enjoyed every day to the full. The staff were helpful, amazing and dedicated. You have given my daughter a week that she will treasure. You were brilliant!!
My 11 year old grandson has just completed a one week workshop with Milli and her team. Ended with a production that was truly humbling and inspiring. Taking 20 young people many who were strangers to each other, creating unity, harmony and unleashing talent! Absolutely brilliant!
What a wonderful opportunity these classes have been for my three kids and I! My children thoroughly enjoy every single session and its so great that parents can join in!
Thank you for a wonderful afternoon of bath bomb making. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I’ve already booked them onto another session. I would definitely recommend your sessions to others.
My 12 year old son Jayden has had a wonderful time at the Waltham Forest Kitchen. He has found a passion for cooking and now enjoys helping me make dinners. He is normally a fussy eater but since he has spent a week with Making It Mindful he now eats a variety of foods and flavours and loves to tell us all about the health benifits of the food we are making! How you got him to try and like mushrooms i will never know! Whatever you did, keep doing it 🙂
My 5 year old daughter and I have been attending the Family Fun Dance Class on a Wednesday. It’s such a lovely class and Milli is a great teacher. The class is so much fun and the sheer delight on my daughter’s face when galloping down the hall just makes my week! I hope this class can continue in the New Year! Thank you Milli.
This is a great organisation focusing on education and learning. 5 stars!
Making a positive change in our community!
Attended the workshops over 8 weeks for parents and children at St Edmunds Church Hall. Amazing for the kids and for me to learn new dance moves in a great space. The council should fund this type of regular event for the local community. Keeping people fit, make new friends for adults and the kids.
Thank you for providing a wonderfully creative morning for my two girls. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves making bath bombs, meeting some new friends and having some time away from their younger siblings. They would love to come to another session!
I took my children and their friends to this event and we all had a wonderful time! The kids really enjoyed the yoga for all class and all ages joined in!